Young Greens of Helsinki

Young Greens of Helsinki (officially Helsingin Vihreät Nuoret) is a green youth organization founded in 2003. Our mission is to act as a channel of influence for green-minded young people. Poverty, environmental degradation or gender inequality are political choices, and it is always possible to choose differently. Our organization is actively involved in the public debate and brings green perspectives and alternatives to decision-making.


Young Greens of Helsinki organizes events throughout the year. You are very welcome to join our events to meet new people and familiarize with our activities. Events are also open for non-members so feel free to take a friend with you! You can also find information about our events and activities on our website, and on our social media accounts especially Instagram. Please don’t hesitate to contact the chairperson or executive director directly.  


Are you interested in photography, social media, visuals or coming up with clever slogans?

Are you event producer material? Can you create a good atmosphere and do you have the ability to manage large projects? Are you excited about politics? Are elections your passion? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then join our teams at any time! Currently our active teams include an event team, a communications team and a politics team. Our teams are for those who love politics, want to learn new things and get their ideas to work. Our goal is to make Helsinki and the world a better place for young people and all kinds of creatures to live. Feel free to join our ranks by contacting us! The teams are always open to all members.

Send a message directly to our chairperson or the executive director, or direct message us on Instagram and tell us which team interests you!  


Young Greens of Helsinki elects a new board responsible for our activities and politics every year in our annual meeting held in November-December. You will find more information about our annual meeting and board on our social media and website every fall. You can show your interest in running for the board before the annual meeting, or join the meeting and stand as a candidate there. We do not require any specific skills or language knowledge from the members of the board. If you are interested in learning, developing your organization skills and participating in Green politics – we definitely would be a great match!


Welcome to the Young Greens of Helsinki! 

Young Greens of Helsinki is a Helsinki based political youth organization. Together we work for our key values: sustainability, equality and justice.

You can become a member either by joining the Federation of Green Youth and Students and choosing us as your local association.

Being a member of the Greens is about taking a stand for a better world. By becoming a member you can join us in defending human rights, the environment, and the less privileged. The work for the environment, equality, education, and a greener future is done between elections. By paying the membership fee you support our work for a better world. The Greens are not just a political party – we are a social movement, and as such we are only as strong as our membership. You are warmly welcome to join us!


 If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them. Hope to see you at our future events! 


Elisa Haikola


Maija Linkola

Executive Director

+358 44 067 9800